Welcome to the "Saidiana (in Swahili, help each other) Movement," our initiative to call attention to the plight of the formerly incarcerated and their families. America is the prison superpower of the world. This disconcerting distinction causes a stain on our nation. There is however an unexpected consequence, the stain bleeds out and touches the lives of those connected to the incarcerated individual. These are the multiple millions of family members who sit next to us in our workplace, our schools and our places of worship - often in silence.  We are making a call to action for America to change its mindset, stop the rhetoric, and roll up its sleeves on behalf of this population. The Saidiana Movement is a call to action for America to move forward beyond its general lack of interest about the formerly incarcerated and their families. 

 The Saidiana Movement is about change – but not the change that looks to others to make it happen.  This change will come about when we – all of us – look at ourselves and start to move forward on behalf of this population who are being stifled out of the basic necessities of life – decent wages, adequate housing, and basic assistance.  

We will provide helpful information, encouragement and resources that will help with ideas on how YOU can begin to help turn this crisis around. We need everyone to help – this is not a problem of corrections, law enforcement and legislation alone - this is anof the people, by the people and for the people crisis that we the people must embrace to effect a real change. Additionally, we will connect you to services that are already in place or help you with ideas on how you can create support that will be meaningful in pushing this initiative forward. 

If you support this movement in any way, whether you've been directly affected by incarceration or not, we invite you to join the Saidiana Movement and we also ask that you help us to spread the word. Our belief is that we can begin the reversal of this curse. We believe that together, we can make some real changes that will help people not only get on their feet – but stay on their feet. The Saidiana Movement will improve life for all of us. As we help people get what they need to be self-sufficient, we will see an improvement in public safety, violence in the street, available funding for our public schools. All of these issues are in some ways tied to this mammoth crisis.  

The effects of the stain of incarceration can be likened unto losing weight.  Little by little - as the weight comes off – so do many of the health issues associated with it. We must help remove the excess weight. Our inhumanity can no longer be rationalized. In order for us to move on with our lives – we must help others get access to what they need for a decent life.